Transmission Repair

Your car, truck or SUV’s transmission ensures the vehicle operates smoothly and efficiently. But if you do not take care of this major automotive system, you can experience costly problems. Thankfully, Yadkinville Automotive ASE-certified technicians are experts in automotive service, repair and rebuilding. In Yadkinville, North Carolina, you have access to the right help to get your car safely back on the road.

Transmission RepairWhat is a transmission?

This major automotive system consists of multiple gears and sensors working together to drive your engine and wheels in sync. It also provides safer and smoother control as you drive your vehicle, helping the tires use the energy produced by the engine.

This process of transmitting energy generates intense heat. Fluid designed to absorb the heat prevents damage to your vehicle. But this fluid cycles through hot parts over and over again, wearing down and becoming less efficient over time. In turn, the heat causes more damage to the vehicle’s parts.

Transmission Service at Yadkinville Auto Service & Repair

Fresh fluid is the key to keeping your car functioning as it should, as well as preventing expensive repairs. During a complete flush service appointment, our ASE-certified automotive technicians remove old fluid, flush the system and install fresh premium-quality fluid in its place. Besides draining and replacing fluid, our technicians also install a new filter and pan gasket.

This major vehicle system can fail in as few as 50,000 miles if you do not perform routine maintenance. But with proper care by our technicians, it can last 100,000 miles or more. Besides extending the life of your vehicle’s systems, routine maintenance also improves costs associated with maintenance, repairs, parts and labor.

How often do I need this routine vehicle maintenance?

Routine maintenance differs according to each vehicle system and manufacturer recommendations. On an automatic vehicle, expect to need a full fluid exchange at each 50,000 mile interval.

Of course, of the utmost importance is using the right fluid. Your automotive technician knows how important this is and uses the fluid your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. The reason behind this care is how each fluid contains a different mix of additives. Each fluid therefore meets the needs of specific systems, with only the recommended one ensuring proper performance.

Proper Driving Prolongs Your Vehicle’s Longevity

Your vehicle’s longevity relies on more than just routine maintenance and repair as needed. Ways you can help your vehicle endure for more miles include:

  • Never shift when the car is moving
  • Do not “ride” the brakes, continuously pressing the brakes as you drive
  • Warm up your engine before putting it into gear, particularly during winter

When Your Vehicle Needs Repair

Even with proper maintenance, your transmission can break down and require repair. Various signs point to these problems, such as:

  • Problems shifting gears
  • Clutch pedal drops to the floor or will not push down
  • Gears stick or shifting becomes impossible
  • Engine races ahead of the shifted gear
  • Leaking fluid
  • Inoperable vehicle
  • Noise coming from parts contacting each other
  • Check engine light is on

In Yadkin County, NC, we provide a wide range of car repair and truck repair services. These include transmission repair and service, as well as tire, brake, air conditioning, engine, fuel pump, water pump, belt, hose and check engine light services. If you experience major problems with your vehicle, we also provide engine rebuilds, as well as replaced and remanufactured transmissions.

Whether you drive a domestic or foreign car, truck or SUV, bring your vehicle into Yadkinville Automotive for all of your automotive service needs. You can trust our ASE-certified technicians for the expert service you deserve at a competitive price you can afford. Call us at +1 336-679-8622 to schedule your service appointment today.

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