Although Toyota discontinued its youthful brand Scion in 2016, many people still own and enjoy these sporty vehicles. If you own one of these stylish, distinctive, yet inexpensive models, you can trust Yadkinville Auto on State Street in Yadkinville, NC for your Scion repair and maintenance needs.

scionAbout Your Scion

In America, your vehicle’s brand endured for 13 years from its debut in 2003. Designers at Toyota intended the brand to reach young, stylish drivers seeking sporty compact vehicles. They introduced it under a pure pricing concept, one that made car buying simple. At the same time, these Gen Y-marketed models met young drivers’ needs through basic appointments and limited upgrade options.

Although Toyota abandoned its newest brand, the automaker simply redirected the target market back into their primary line’s fold. Highly favored models FR-S, iA and iM became Toyota vehicles in 2017, as the 86, Yaris iA and Corolla iM. The C-HR also became a Toyota model, although it was originally unveiled as one of the fledgling line’s latest.

Scion Repair in Yadkinville

At Yadkinville Auto, our ASE-certified technicians continue providing the highest quality of service for your discontinued vehicle model. Because Toyota created your brand, and with our professionals’ top quality service, you can affordably keep your Scion running its best for years to come.

At our State Street location we service all of your brand’s models, including:

  • FR-S
  • iA
  • iM
  • iQ
  • tC
  • xA
  • xB
  • xD

Scion Repair – Common Problems

With any vehicle today come commonly associated problems. These problems are simply those multiple drivers experience. At Yadkinville Auto, we know your vehicle inside and out. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest technical information and model issues as part of our highly rated, ASE-certified service.

One of the most commonly reported issues with your automaker’s vehicles is a check engine light illumination. This warning light often illuminates due to a defect in the VVT-i controller that plays a role in cam timing and vehicle power. The manufacturer provides replacement parts for this issue and Yadkinville Auto installs this part to remedy your problem.

Excessive oil consumption is another issue faced by owners of the tC model. This happens even when you take care of your vehicle as you should, according to scheduled maintenance. Other models experience exhaust problems. Whatever your particular car’s issues, you can trust your Yadkinville Auto mechanic to fix it and get you safely back on the road.

Rely on Yadkinville Auto to Keep Your Vehicle Running Its Best

When an automaker stops its operations, drivers often feel abandoned. But this does not need to be the case with your vehicle. Because it is a Toyota brand, Toyota continues providing information, updates and parts for your car or SUV. Yadkinville Auto is dedicated to ensuring your Scion runs its best, for as long as you own the vehicle. Call Yadkinville Auto today at (336) 679-8622 to schedule your maintenance or repair appointment and to learn why so many residents of this area trust us for their vehicle service.

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