Having a Lexus in your garage is a sign of prestige and your appreciation of the driving experience. Many Yadkinville, NC area residents choose this brand over all others, particularly when they seek luxurious comfort as part of their daily commute or for running local errands. Yadkinville Auto proudly provides the highest quality of reliable and affordable service for cars and SUVs from this automaker, as your dealer alternative.

Lexus Lexus Luxury Shines Through Each Model

Your vehicle’s origins root through Toyota of Japan, as this manufacturer’s luxury line. With all of the reliability and innovation that Toyota offers, Lexus does, too. In fact, the well-appointed line ranks an impressive four stars out of five for reliability. This places it as the seventh best automaker out of 32 brands.

Although most people consider this make and its models as luxurious and prestigious as Mercedes and BMW, your brand offers a clear advantage. That is, your average annual ownership costs rank about $100 per year lower than most other luxury brands. You can expect to pay about $551 per year to maintain your vehicle and keep it running its best. You also enjoy the benefit of only needing to visit a repair shop once every two years, according to automaker averages. When you do send your vehicle in for urgent needs, you only face a low eight percent chance of needing major repairs.

Yadkinville Auto provides service for the whole line of vehicles from your automaker. These include:

  • CT200h
  • ES250, 300, 300h and 350
  • GS F, 200t, 300, 350, 400, 430, 450h and 460
  • GX460 and 470
  • HS250h
  • IS F, 200t, 250, 300 and 350
  • LS400, 430, 460 and 600h
  • LX450, 470 and 570
  • NX200t and 300h
  • RC F, Turbo, 200t, 300 and 350
  • RX300, 330, 350, 400h and 450h
  • SC300, 400 and 430
  • UX200 and 250h

Your Vehicle’s Most Common Problems

When you visit your ASE-certified mechanic at Yadkinville Auto, you find out the specific problems associated with your car or SUV and options for their repair. Whether you need routine maintenance, systems fixed or to replace parts, you can expect the highest quality of service and affordability.

Some of the most common problems associated with your vehicle brand include discoloration of the rear view mirror. Other people report struggling to see clearly from their rear view mirror. This is a simple part to replace, if you experience problems like these. Simply bring your vehicle into Yadkinville Auto for assistance.

Other drivers notice a knocking or clicking sound from the brake actuator. This happens when applying the brakes lightly, for example. Some owners experience an ignition coil problem, or issues with the EVAP system. Your Yadkinville Auto ASE-certified technician fixes all of these problems and maintains awareness of issues common to your vehicle.

Trusted Technicians for Your Luxury Vehicle

When you take your Lexus to Yadkinville Auto for maintenance or other service, you can rest assured that you receive the best possible service at an affordable price. We understand the importance of your vehicle in your life and do all we can to ensure its reliability and safety. You can always expect prompt, courteous service with a friendly attitude from our professionals. Call Yadkinville Auto on State Street today at (336) 679-8622 to schedule your maintenance or repair appointment.

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