Owning an Infiniti is a luxury experience, one backed by the quality and innovation of the Nissan brand family. As a Yadkinville resident or visitor, you can trust the ASE-certified technicians of Yadkinville Auto on State Street for all of your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs. We help you get the most from your beautiful car or SUV, while keeping you safe on the road.

InfinitiAbout Your Infiniti

Your vehicle comes from the luxury vehicle division of Japan’s Nissan. Americans have enjoyed buying these cars and SUVs from the automaker since 1989, when they first rolled onto U.S. soil. Now, dealers sell these models in more than 50 countries.

Innovation is key to Nissan and its luxury line. Chief Executive Officer Hiroto Saikawa announced in early 2018 that all of Infiniti’s new vehicles will be hybrid or fully electric by 2021. Whether you own a fuel-operated model, one of the hybrids or a fully electric model, Yadkinville Auto provides top quality service and repairs at affordable rates.

Excellent Reliability Comes Standard with Your Luxury Vehicle

Whichever model you chose from this luxury line, your vehicle brings reliability. It rates 3.5 stars out of five for being easy to maintain and keep safely driving for years to come. Because the line is luxurious, you can expect higher than average ownership costs. But these costs remain in line with models from BMW, Lexus, Cadillac and Mercedes, at about $638 per year.

Unfortunately, you face more visits to the repair shop than many other vehicle owners. Still, these visits rate at about 0.7 per year. So once every 18 months or so, you can expect to pay Yadkinville Auto a visit with a question or potentially an issue. The good news for you is that you face a low probability of these visits requiring major repairs. Only 10 percent of the maker’s auto repair needs rate as “severe.”

Common Repair Needs for the Luxury Brand

The most common problems reported for cars and SUVs like yours involve drivability issues and odd noises coming from the timing chain area. The driveability issues occur due to a failing crankshaft angle sensor. Sometimes it is the camshaft position sensor. This leads to loss of engine power, but Yadkinville Auto technicians know how to fix this issue and any others that occur.

The strange noise some owners hear from the timing chain area of the QX56 usually requires replacement of the variable valve timing camshaft shaft sprockets. This common problem is one your Yadkinville Auto techs know to look for, when a QX56 comes into the shop for repairs.

Other problems faced by vehicle owners include issues with RWD transmission, the check engine light and other problems.

Models serviced at Yadkinville Auto include:

  • EX35 and 37
  • FX35, 37, 45 and 50
  • G20, 25, 35 and 37
  • I30 and 35
  • J30 and JX35
  • M30, 35, 35h, 37, 45 and 56
  • Q40, 45, 50, 60, 70 and 70L
  • QX30, 4, 50, 56, 60, 70 and 80

Your Dealer Alternative for Repairs and Maintenance

Bring your Infiniti into Yadkinville Auto for factory recommended maintenance and repairs. Our ASE-certified technicians know your vehicle inside and out, including common issues owners face with their make and model. Whether you need routine oil changes, brake service, tire service or major repairs, we work hard to meet your needs at affordable rates. Call Yadkinville Auto on State Street to schedule your visit today, at (336) 679-8622 .

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