Owning a hybrid vehicle shows your commitment to the environment. It also provides fuel economy and longer time between visits to the gas station. But owning this type of vehicle comes with specialized hybrid service and maintenance. Luckily, in Yadkinville, North Carolina, you can trust Yadkinville Automotive for your specialized service, as well as other car repair and truck repair.

Hybrid RepairServices Provided for Hybrid Vehicles

Eco-friendly car owners trust the ASE-certified technicians of Yadkinville Automotive for their vehicle needs, just as much as fuel-driven vehicle owners have for years. Our friendly technicians maintain vast experience in the latest technologies, including these more complex vehicles.

Green vehicles are quickly evolving types of cars, as automakers are only just starting to tap into these capabilities for fuel economy and electric-driven clean power. But our well-equipped car repair and truck repair shop provide the latest computer diagnostic equipment and expertise for prompt, correct repair the first time.

You can trust us for the maintenance and repair needs of your electric or gas-driven vehicle of any make or model. We provide battery repair, fluid exchanges, suspension and steering repair, general maintenance and the other care your vehicle needs. Our staff gets you quickly and safely back on the road in no time, whether you need your vehicle’s oil changed or battery replaced. We also do trans-axle or full rebuild work on these complex cars.

Protecting the Environment through Your Choice of Electric Vehicles

Having an electric vehicle helps our environment when compared to standard gas-driven cars, trucks or SUVs. That is usually the intent of green vehicle owners, along with saving money on fuel. But staying green means having your vehicle serviced regularly, including for replacement of all fluids and oils.

Our ASE-certified technicians are specially trained in servicing a wide range of green vehicles. These include Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Fords and other brands of environmentally friendly cars, trucks and SUVs.

Of course, if your vehicle is still under warranty, we perform required tune-ups and other scheduled maintenance. We also perform oil changes, brake checks, and other routine care to keep your green vehicle running its best.

Costs Associated with Green or Electric Vehicle Repair

Servicing these battery-driven vehicles sometimes costs less than maintenance on a fuel-driven car. The gas engine shuts down in your eco-friendly model when it is idling and at other times throughout your drive, such as at reduced speeds. This does not just save fuel and money but also preserves your engine from wear and tear. Smaller models of these cars even need oil changes less often than fuel-driven vehicles.

Other parts lasting longer on electric vehicles include the brake pads and other braking system parts. Thanks to a regenerative braking system and lower heat in these systems, parts do not wear out so quickly.

Most of these vehicles require little to no special routine maintenance, too. While the Ford Escape eco-friendly model requires replacement of its air filter every 40,000 to 50,000 miles, these vehicles typically demand less routine work than other types of cars.

Of course, with specialized design and technologies come occasional specialized issues. These require expert care from highly trained technicians with a background in these systems’ maintenance. One such part causing drivers problems in a green vehicle is the large battery pack. Most carry warranties for eight years or 100,000 miles to 10 years or 150,000 miles. But after the warranty expires, you can experience costly repairs on parts like these.

Eco-Friendly Vehicle Parts We Maintain and Repair

Eco-friendly vehicles like yours still require the same maintenance as most other fuel-driven cars, trucks or SUVs. Sure, this maintenance and repair often take place less often. But you will still need the occasional attention of an experienced technician.

We provide a wide range of green vehicle maintenance and repair services, including:

  • Brake efficiency and fluid checks
  • Transmission cooling system and inverter check
  • Rear-end oil change
  • High voltage battery check
  • High voltage connections check

All of the maintenance and repair services we provide for green vehicles meet manufacturer recommendations. When you need a hybrid service or routine maintenance, system checks or repairs, call upon the experts of Yadkinville Automotive in Yadkin County, NC. Schedule your automotive service today by calling +1 336-679-8622 .

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