Yadkinville Auto in Yadkinville, North Carolina provides quality engine repair along with a wide range of other car repair, truck repair and SUV repair services. You can trust our ASE-certified experts to help you keep your vehicle in top form at competitive prices.

Engine RepairAbout Engine Repair

Most people think about getting their vehicle serviced only after their check engine light illuminates. But this indicator can mean many things. A loose gas cap can trigger it to ignite, as can very serious problems like a blown head gasket. Whenever you suspect problems with your car, truck or SUV’s motor, you need an expert technician’s help.

There are many things that can go wrong with a vehicle. Even the most reliable of cars can break down, particularly since the motor contains so many working parts. But most of these problems prove avoidable with proper maintenance. By keeping up with your manufacturer’s recommend schedule of maintenance visits, you can prevent costlier issues from happening.

Engine Maintenance and Repair Services

The most commonly replaced motor part is the timing belt. Your vehicle’s timing belt likely needs replacement sometime between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Exactly when yours requires exchange depends on the vehicle’s make, model, performed maintenance and other factors. But it is inevitable that parts like belts and hoses wear out over time and through long-term use.

Oil leaks indicate your vehicle needs a technician’s inspection, too. Poor maintenance usually leads to these leaks, as seals dry and harden over time. This causes the seal to fail and results in leaking fluid. In turn, a simple leak can cause motor failure.

Your whole car works better when clean, bumper to bumper. This includes its motor, which runs best when after fluid flushes and fuel injection cleaning. Your car repair or truck repair technician can help you understand when your car needs this type of maintenance, to keep your motor running its best.

Other key parts requiring routine checks and maintenance include spark plugs, spark plug wires, timing belts, timing chains, air filters, fuel filters and motor parts. Within the motor, your Yadkin County, NC automotive expert repairs ignition systems, water pump, sensors, ignition wires, fuel pump, distributor cap and rotor.

Get Your Engine Serviced Before Problems Grow Worse

Your vehicle, like most others, likely has its own innovative electronic control system that alerts you to problems within the motor and other parts. The car, truck or SUV’s computer takes data from a network of switches and sensors. This data informs the computer when particular parts need maintenance or service. It also creates a technical code that helps qualified and experienced technicians diagnose your vehicle’s problems.

But you still play a major role in catching motor problems early. You need to contact your technician when you see changes in how your vehicle works, such as:

  • Noises or thumps
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Failed emissions inspection
  • Dash panel alert lights
  • Poor handling

Your automotive technician uses what you tell them about problems with your car, truck or SUV, in combination with your vehicle’s on-board computer diagnostics, to find parts that need service or replacement. Such parts include:

  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Ignition system
  • Emissions
  • Fuel injection
  • Sensors and spark plugs
  • Hoses and belts
  • Restraint systems
  • Electrical system

If your ASE-certified automotive technician at Yadkinville Auto finds a problem with your vehicle’s motor or other parts, we discuss necessary repairs with you before performing the work. Our experts dedicate themselves to providing only the highest quality of auto, truck and SUV service in North Carolina. Our primary goal is to perform the work your vehicle needs, providing competitive pricing and getting you safely back on the road.

Engine Service in Yadkin County, NC

For our neighbors in Yadkin County, North Carolina and nearby communities, Yadkinville Auto provides a complete range of automotive services. These services include tune-ups, filter replacements, fuel system cleaning and other important engine maintenance. When your vehicle needs maintenance, part replacement or more comprehensive services, call us at +1 336-679-8622 to schedule your service appointment.

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