Chevrolet Camaro Owners: Watch Out for These Potential Issues

The Chevrolet Camaro is one of today’s most entertaining muscle cars. Many drivers in Raleigh love its aggressive exterior styling and powerful performance. While the Camaro is generally a reliable vehicle, there are some issues that you need to watch out for.

Premature Starter Failure
If you own a 2010 or later Chevrolet Camaro, its starter can fail much sooner than expected. While the starter doesn’t suffer from any manufacturing defects, GM did not protect it with a well-designed heat shield. A large portion of the starter is left uncovered, thus exposing it to the engine’s extreme temperatures.

The excess heat can even cause the starter’s wires to melt, thus creating an electrical nightmare. To prevent problems, it’s a good idea to install an upgraded heat shield. This simple step can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Faulty Electric Steering System
Some Camaro models come equipped with an electric power steering system. This feature helps make the car easier to maneuver at low speeds. Unfortunately, GM was eventually forced to issue a recall.

Bosch, the company that manufactured the electric steering system’s circuit boards, was found to have made an error. If the system fails, it will be extremely hard to steer the vehicle. Safety then becomes a big concern. Because a recall was made, Chevrolet has to cover the cost of replacing the steering system’s gear assemblies.

Car Fails to Start
Numerous Camaro owners have experienced their car failing to start. Many people initially think the problem stems from a weak battery or a bad alternator. However, the issue is often caused by a faulty ignition lock cylinder.

It appears the system’s internal wires are prone to fraying. Drivers won’t be able to drive the car until the problem is fixed. Chevrolet mechanics typically recommend installing a new ignition lock cylinder and key.

Bad Water Pump
A water pump is among the most important components in a vehicle’s cooling system. When it stops functioning, it’s only a matter of time before engine temperatures start to rise. Overheating becomes a serious possibility.

The Camaro’s original water pump a have a shorter than usual lifespan. Many owners report this problem occurring around the 80,000-mile mark. If you happen to spot coolant dripping from underneath the engine bay, your water pump could definitely be the culprit.

Worn Gas Cap
Most Chevrolet Camaro owners don’t give much thought to their gas cap. While the gas cap may be a simple device, it can cause you more trouble than you may think.

It’s not out of the norm for a Camaro’s gas cap to wear out before surpassing 70,000 miles. If the car’s onboard computer detects the gas gap is leaking fuel vapors, it will trigger the check engine light. To avoid unnecessarily wasting hundreds of dollars on replacing perfectly good parts, take your Camaro to a Chevrolet repair shop for diagnostic testing. Your mechanic may find that you’re simply dealing with a worn gas cap, which is an inexpensive fix.

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