If there is one thing that makes most drivers shudder, it is illumination of their car, truck or SUV check engine light. This simple little light indicates such a broad range of possible problems, that you cannot know whether you need a new gas cap or major auto repair service. Whether the light remains steady or it flashes to indicate a more urgent problem, you need to get your vehicle to Yadkinville Auto in Yadkin County, North Carolina for service.

Check Engine LightAbout Your Check Engine Light

When your “check engine” light ignites, it does not always mean engine failure will happen. But you cannot be sure, until you have an ASE-certified auto technician inspect your vehicle and diagnose its problems.

The check engine light actually monitors your vehicle’s emissions, the harmful gasses released into the environment. If your vehicle emits too much dirty air, the dash indicator light ignites. This keeps your car, truck or SUV in compliance with NC state laws.

A flashing indicator light tells you that you have a much more serious issue, than something like a damaged gas cap. You possibly have a cylinder misfire, as one example. This type of issue can become very costly and even dangerous. You should never wait to have your car checked, when a dash light blinks. Before you can safely take your vehicle back on the road, you need car repair, truck repair or SUV repair services.

Even when your dash light signals for you to check the engine, but remains steadily illuminated, you still need auto service as soon as possible. Continuing to drive your vehicle only puts you at risk of bigger problems and much higher repair bills. With prompt attention to a steady dash light, you possibly only need a simple fix or tune up.

We Help You Safely Get Back on the Road

When your check engine light ignites, you need a comprehensive diagnostic test performed on your vehicle. The last thing you need is a misdiagnosis or incomplete picture of your emissions problem or other issue. Sadly, too many people receive misdiagnoses or incomplete service from underqualified mechanics. But the ASE-certified technicians of our Yadkinville, North Carolina automotive service provide you with a complete picture of your engine’s needs with competitive pricing.

Receiving a correct diagnosis is vital to costing you less in the long run. Otherwise, a latent issue can flare up and lead to more vehicle down time and expense, only weeks or months down the road.

At the same time as you receive a clear diagnosis for your check engine light, our experts provide complete engine care. This care includes inspection of vital engine components and other parts related to your vehicle’s operation.

Some of these key parts we inspect include:

Yadkin County, NC Automotive Service You Can Trust

At Yadkinville Auto, we do start repairs until we provide you with a complete understanding of the engine problems or other needs affecting the performance and safety of your vehicle. We dedicate ourselves to providing our neighbors in Yadkin County, NC and surrounding communities with only the highest quality of auto repair, truck repair, SUV repair and maintenance. We want to help you get safely back on the road.

When your car, truck or SUV needs maintenance, repairs or other service, you can rely on Yadkinville Auto to provide the right service at competitive pricing. Call +1 336-679-8622 to schedule your tune up, car repair, truck repair or SUV repair service today.

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