The Best AWD Cars of 2022

While trucks and SUVs are great for driving through the snow, they tend to consume significantly more fuel. If you plan to do a lot of out-of-town traveling during the winter, an AWD car may prove to be a more practical choice. Here’s an overview of the best AWD cars of 2022.

Subaru Legacy
Although the Subaru Legacy may not be as popular as some other midsize sedans, experts rank it among today’s best. Outstanding crash scores and comfortable seating help make it a great pick. Subaru’s full-time Symmetrical AWD system comes standard on every trim. This feature helps promote excellent traction on slippery roads.

Luckily, the Legacy still delivers good fuel economy. Trims equipped with the car’s base four-cylinder engine can return up to 35 mpg. Drivers who desire a more inspiring performance can opt for the Legacy’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It churns out 260 horsepower, which results in significantly quicker acceleration.

Kia Stinger
If you want to experience the excitement of a sports sedan, be sure to check out the new Kia Stinger. While a traditional rear-wheel-drive layout comes standard, you can opt for an advanced AWD system. When traveling on snow-packed streets, the system immediately seeks to improve traction.

Two different powertrains are available for the Stinger. Yadkinville drivers who desire the best fuel economy will want the turbo four-cylinder engine. On the other hand, serious driving enthusiasts will favor the Stinger’s twin-turbo V6 engine. Output increases to a thrilling 368 horsepower. Because the Stinger features a hatchback design, it offers far more cargo space than the typical sports sedan.

Toyota Camry
For good reason, the Toyota Camry remains America’s best-selling family sedan. It’s practical, reliable, and more stylish than ever. Furthermore, it can now be equipped with an AWD system. This available feature gives the Camry a key advantage over the Honda Accord.

Keep in mind that the Camry’s more potent V6 powertrain can’t be paired with all-wheel drive. Nevertheless, most drivers will have no complaints about the car’s four-cylinder engine. It cranks out 203 horsepower while returning up to 34 mpg.

BMW 3-Series
According to many automotive journalists, the BMW 3-Series is the best small luxury sedan on the market. Its plush interior and modern technology will appeal to a lot of people. Improved long-term reliability makes the latest generation more satisfying.

If you plan to take any winter road trips, opt for BMW’s popular xDrive AWD system. It noticeably enhances grip on frozen streets. While you can step up to an especially muscular six-cylinder engine, stick with the turbo four-cylinder engine for peak fuel economy. Even the four-cylinder 3-Series has a quick 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds.

Acura TLX
The latest Acura TLX is arguably the best ever. Precise driving dynamics enable it to deliver more fun on the road. Acura’s sophisticated Super Handling AWD system is a must for folks who need maximum traction. Not only does this system give you more grip, but it also enhances the sporty TLX’s ability to attack curves.

Both of the Acura TLX’s available engines can be equipped with all-wheel drive. While the base turbo four-cylinder engine develops a competitive 272 horsepower, Acura tunes the available turbo V6 engine to generate 355 horsepower.

Honda CRV | America's 5 Most Popular Vehicles of 2019

America’s 5 Most Popular Vehicles of 2019

When shopping for new vehicles, there’s no doubt, you’ll have several different options to choose from. However, today’s drivers are especially drawn to certain models. Pickup trucks and SUVs have started to dominate the market. It seems sedans are not quite as popular as before. Let’s take a look at the five most popular vehicles of 2019.

Ford F-150

For years, the Ford F-150 has remained one of the best-selling vehicles in America. Drivers especially appreciate this pickup truck’s versatility. Not only does the F-150 boast a class-leading towing capacity, but it also offers great comfort on the road. Luxurious amenities, like massaging front seats, ensure an incredibly relaxing ride. A spacious backseat makes the crew cab body style a great choice for families.

If you crave off-road adventure, look no further than the ultra-rugged F-150 Raptor. It comes loaded with a number of trail-ready features, including a lifted suspension and a specialized 4WD system. Available as an option on most models, Ford’s Pro Trailer Backup Assist system simplifies the task of towing.

Ram 1500

In terms of popularity, the fully redesigned Ram 1500 is just a few steps behind the Ford F-150. Best-in-class ride quality and a luxurious cabin make this pickup truck hard to beat. It features a number of family-friendly features, including reclining rear seats. While the available engines remain the same, Ram has introduced a new mild hybrid system for additional pulling power and improved fuel efficiency.

This year, vehicles in Dodge’s lineup, like the Ram 1500 offers a lot more technology. If you really want to impress your friends, opt for the stunning 12.0-inch touchscreen. Safety innovations, like automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring, promise to give you a greater sense of protection.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

To keep the Silverado 1500 from falling behind the pack, Chevy decided to give it a complete redesign for 2019. You’ll immediately notice its more modern exterior styling. Meanwhile, excellent rear legroom enables the new Silverado 1500 to offer better comfort. Even the base model Silverado vehicles feature a 7.0-inch color touchscreen with advanced smartphone support. Some of the other attractive features include ventilated front seats, a Bose premium sound system, and a 4G Wi-Fi hot spot.

A versatile engine lineup gives you more reason to like the new Silverado 1500. With a total output of 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, Chevy’s largest V8 engine packs some serious performance. While this truck is fun to drive on the street, it’s also more than capable of exploring the North Carolina backcountry. An off-road suspension is standard on the adventurous Trail Boss trim.

Toyota RAV4

The all-new Toyota vehicles, more specifically Toyota’s RAV4 is an extremely well-liked family vehicle. It’s safe, roomy, and good on gas. Mechanics also rave about this small crossover’s bulletproof reliability. Every trim comes equipped with Toyota’s new Dynamic Force four-cylinder engine, which develops a fulfilling 203 horsepower. Meanwhile, highway fuel economy tops out at an impressive 35 mpg.

There’s definitely no overlooking the latest RAV4’s more striking exterior styling. It has a far more aggressive appearance. Some of the cool paint options include Ruby Flare Pearl, Blue Flame, and Lunar Rock. With the new RAV4, safety is never a concern. Aside from receiving excellent crash scores, this SUV also comes standard with a Toyota Safety Sense system. You’ll enjoy forward collision warning, drowsiness detection, lane-keep assist, and adaptive cruise control.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is the most popular vehicle in Honda’s lineup. This small SUV has very few weaknesses. While an available turbocharged four-cylinder engine promotes a lively performance, spacious seating allows your entire family to relax. Most trims also come standard with Honda Sensing, which is a great collection of advanced safety features.

Although the base CR-V proves to be a strong value, you’ll find more niceties on the upper trims. Honda vehicles much-improved Display Audio touchscreen is a big highlight. An eight-speaker audio system with HD radio is also available.

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