Call a Tow: Six Car Problems That Can Leave You Stranded

Drivers should never ignore symptoms of car trouble. If you continue to drive a vehicle that obviously needs a repair, there’s a good chance you’ll soon be calling for a tow truck. Here are six car problems that can leave you stranded.

1. Failing Alternator

A bad alternator is definitely one of the most serious alarming problems. Fortunately, this component gives you a few signs that it’s on the verge of dying. If you’ve experienced trouble starting your vehicle, this could be a result of the alternator draining your battery. When traveling at night, don’t be surprised to experience dimmer headlights. Also, take note of any high-pitched squealing noises.

Typically, a bad alternator will trigger a warning light on your dash. This means you need to get home as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is for your alternator to fail on a busy highway.

2. Weak Battery

Like so many other car problems, a weak battery needs immediate attention. It’ll eventually completely run out of juice, which means you’ll be stuck calling for help. Although car batteries are engineered to last between five and seven years, extremely hot or cold weather can shorten their lifespan. If your battery’s expiration date is approaching, have it replaced at least a few weeks in advance.

To be on the safe side, have your battery tested and inspected throughout the year. Also, avoid making the mistaking of purchasing the cheapest battery on the shelf. Economy-priced batteries typically don’t last nearly as long.

3. Poorly Maintained Tires

Some drivers tend to neglect their tires, which is a definite safety concern. When the air pressure is too low, the chances of you experiencing a sudden blowout more than doubles. You also need to inspect the condition of your tires. Bulges, premature tread wear, and cracked rubber all indicate a problem. Of course, a wobbly tire is one of the most dangerous car problems.

Don’t wait too replace an old set of tires. The rubber composite has a specific shelf life. Although you may even drive your vehicle often, its tires still continue to age.

4. Low Oil Level

In terms of protecting the engine, motor oil is your vehicle’s most essential fluid. It helps lubricate all of the internal parts, thus keeping friction to a minimum. Although most people recognize the importance of regular oil changes, maintaining the proper oil level is just as crucial.

If you allow the oil level to get dangerously low, severe engine damage can occur. Of all the potential car problems drivers can encounter, a blown engine is probably the most expensive. To be on the safe side, develop a habit of checking your oil at least every two weeks.

5. Worn Windshield Wipers

When learning about the biggest car problems that can leave you stranded, many people are shocked to see worn wipers on the list. According to automotive safety experts, car owners should have their wipers replaced on a yearly basis. Over time, the rubber blades gradually start to wear out.

While driving during hard rain, the performance of your wipers is of the utmost importance. If the wipers leave streaks of water on the windshield, you’ll struggle seeing the road. Pulling over may be your only option. Also, wipers in poor working condition may cause you to fail the North Carolina safety inspection.

6. Broken Drive Belt

A drive belt is another rubber component that deteriorates over time. Although a drive belt can last for years, a replacement will need to be installed at some point. A snapped drive belt makes the alternator and water pump inoperable, which ultimately leaves you helpless.

You can prevent a broken drive belt by simply having it inspected. Auto repair shops will check for signs of wear like frays and cracks. Meanwhile, a squealing sound usually indicates the belt needs to be tightened.

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