For the safety of yourself and everyone in your vehicle, you need your car, truck or SUV’s brakes inspected at least once yearly. This brake service at Yadkinville Auto in Yadkinville, North Carolina also gives you peace of mind. Through routine maintenance, service or replacement, you know that when you need your vehicle to stop, it will.

Brake RepairAbout Your Car, Truck or SUV’s Braking System

The braking system performs one of the most important safety tasks for your vehicle. You use these parts every day as you drive your car, many times during even a short errand.

Most vehicles feature ABS or standard braking systems, typically including a rotor, caliper, pads or shoes. These parts work together to help you stop your vehicle when it counts. But when your pads show excessive wear and you do not replace them, you risk damaging the rotors. So as much as they work together, not maintaining these parts leads to costly damage.

You should never wear out your rotors by skipping routine braking system maintenance. You rely on these parts too much, to do so. Have your braking system routinely checked to avoid paying more for repairs later. Also take your car, truck or SUV into Yadkinville Auto if you notice the subtle signs of problems.

These signs of braking system problems include:

  • High pitched screech or squeak when trying to stop
  • Scratching or grinding noise
  • Vibrating or shaking when stopping
  • Noticeably more pressure required to stop the vehicle
  • Shaking steering wheel
  • Wobbling car at highway speeds
  • Spongy feeling underfoot when trying to stop

Caring for Your Brakes Is Critical for Your Safety

You need your braking system inspected at least once each year. If you drive daily in city traffic or drive in hilly areas frequently, these parts wear down faster and require more frequent inspections and maintenance.

Some useful tips for preserving your parts and keeping them working their best include:

  • Braking system inspections at least once yearly
  • Never driving with parking brake activated
  • Routine fluid testing and replacement
  • Checking for braking system fluid leaks if you replace the fluid frequently
  • Having the braking system checked when it makes noises
  • Inspection or service when the car shudders or vibrates when braking

Your safety and the safety of your passengers rely on taking good care of your braking system. Your tires, wheel alignment and balance also play a major role in your safety and the vehicle’s ability to stop when needed. Whenever you notice signs of problems, get your vehicle checked immediately. Routine maintenance and inspections helps you avoid more costly problems down the road.

Brake Service and Inspection

We provide braking system inspections and service. Our ASE-certified technicians perform a variety of checks on these components, including:

  • Front and rear pad wear measurement
  • Rotor wear measurement
  • Drum wear measurement
  • Fluid test
  • Parking/emergency braking inspection

During this inspection, our friendly technicians looks for signs that your car, truck or SUV requires repairs, such as:

  • New pads or shoes installation
  • Resurfacing or replacement of rotors or drums
  • Fluid exchange
  • Bleeding
  • Line, hose or other part replacement

Fluid Changes, Bleeding, Routine Maintenance and Repair

Over time, your braking fluid degrades when moisture build-up enters the system and causes a chain of damaging events. The moisture particularly effects copper parts, which erode and release particles into system fluids. These particles contaminate the fluid, causing poor stopping performance or even damaging the system as a whole.

As part of routine maintenance, your auto, truck or SUV technician inspects and tests these fluids for signs of problems. When they find impurities, your braking system needs a fluid exchange.

Another important process in braking system inspection and maintenance is bleeding of fluid lines. You need your vehicle’s braking lines bled when air makes its way into these tubes. The air causes that spongy feeling when you try to stop the vehicle.

Yadkinville Auto in Yadkin County, NC provides a wide variety of car repairs, truck repairs and SUV repairs. These include inspections and maintenance for your braking system, as well as for your tires, engine, transmission, air conditioning, timing belts and water pump. Whatever problems you experience with your domestic or foreign vehicle, our friendly technicians provide prompt, professional service at a price you can afford. Call us at 336-679-8622 when you notice signs of brake problems, to schedule your inspection, maintenance or repair.

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