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When you take good care of your car, truck or SUV, it performs when you need it most. If you sense something wrong with your vehicle, bring it into Yadkinville Auto for auto repair and service. Our expert technicians perform diagnostic service on your car and find the root problems. We fix it according to your manufacturer’s standards and get you quickly and economically back on the road.

We Are More Than Just a Mechanic Shop

At Yadkinville Auto, we want to be your trusted auto repair technicians. We stand behind the work we perform and provide all of our services reliably and with your trust in mind. An ASE-certified technician is always available to oversee your vehicle’s work and get things done right the first time.

When you bring your vehicle into Yadkinville Auto, we perform diagnostic service and courtesy inspections to fix the problem and keep you safe. We look not just for the current problem and its solution, but also parts that can bring you problems down the road. Additionally, we check your tires, fluid levels, belts, hoses, brakes, suspension, battery, lights and other critical parts.

We talk to you about your vehicle’s needs before auto repair work begins. This ensures you do not feel blindsided by a large bill you do not expect. We do not perform the work until you approve it, first. You can trust that you will get the service and customer care you need every single time.

Our Customers’ Most Common Auto Repair Needs

The most common auto repair needs are those that typically occur due to a vehicle’s age and everyday operation. Often, you can prevent problems that strand you on the side of the road by bringing your car in for routine maintenance. During a routine maintenance appointment, we check your vehicle from bumper-to-bumper to help prevent your car’s breakdown. After all, our overall goals are to keep your car running its best and you safe driving it.

Our customers’ most common auto repair needs include:

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

The most common cause of auto air conditioning problems is low refrigerant. But to find the cause of your poorly functioning A/C, our mechanics check all working parts. If we find any problems, we discuss repair options with you before performing the auto service.

Brake Service

Brake service is among the most important types of routine maintenance and auto repair. We thoroughly inspect your brake system before providing the work. This inspection includes examination of multiple parts, including brake pads, rotors, drums, fluid levels, and the parking and emergency braking system.

Typical auto repair for the braking system can include installation of new shoes or pads. Sometimes the drums or rotors need resurfacing or replacement. At other times you need an exchange of fluids, bleeding, or replacement of lines, hoses or other worn or defective parts.

Transmission Service and Repair

Transmission service and repair becomes more vital as your car ages or takes on many miles. The goal for service is to prevent transmission breakdown and expensive repair costs later down the road. We provide a complete flush of this system as needed, replacing old fluid with new. We also install a fresh filter and new pan gasket during this service.

Other key services related to these parts are maintenance or repair of the transfer case and drivetrain. A transfer case problem keeps your car from going anywhere, just like a transmission problem. The drivetrain is among the most intricate of your car’s systems, with these parts running the length of your car, truck or SUV. Common drivetrain maintenance involves differential fluid changes, clutch repair, CV axle and CV joint replacement and driveshaft replacement.

Engine Service and Repair

The timing belt is the most frequently replaced part of the motor, with this part usually requiring replacement between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. These replacements occur because belts and hoses wear out over the course of your car’s lifetime. Other engine parts frequently requiring maintenance or auto repair include timing chains, air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs and spark plug wires. We routinely provide auto repair services on the ignition system, water pump, fuel pump, rotor, distributor cap, ignition wires and sensors, too.

Radiator Service

Your radiator provides the critical service of keeping your engine cool enough to operate. Without a properly functioning radiator, you risk motor damage. We routinely help our customers by providing efficient and affordable radiator repair.

Tune Ups

A tune up refreshes your car’s engine, returning more power and efficiency. A tune up at Yadkinville Auto involves visual inspection of all of the motor’s working parts with installation of new ones when needed. These check-ups and maintenance steps help your vehicle start easier, run more smoothly, reduce emissions and provide greater fuel efficiency. A routine tune up also extends the life of your vehicle.

Oil Change

Oil change at Yadkinville Auto involves not just changing the oil itself, but also replacing and recycling the used oil filter. We thoroughly inspect the air filter, cabin filter and other filters, at the same time. While your car, truck or SUV is in the mechanic’s bay, we provide a courtesy inspection that includes vehicle lights, battery, window washer fluid and other fluid levels.

Yadkinville Auto Provides Auto Repair and Maintenance You Can Trust

In Yadkinville, conveniently located on State Street, Yadkinville Auto provides trusted auto repair and maintenance service for our friends and neighbors. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality of hybrid, import and domestic auto repair and service, too. Bring your vehicle in for routine service or repairs, as well as NC state inspection. Call us to schedule your visit at (336) 679-8622


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