Your car features a complex electrical network that keeps it performing as it should. This system requires comprehensive care when something goes wrong. That service starts with ASE-certified diagnostics to assess the problem, leading to experienced auto electrical repair. In Yadkinville, North Carolina, you can trust the ASE-certified technicians of Yadkinville Auto to keep your vehicle in top running shape.

Auto Electrical RepairThe Importance of Auto Electrical Repair

Your auto electrical system is a basic part of your vehicle’s operation. This group of components and wires provide power to the starter, battery and alternator. But the electrical system in your car is not necessarily the same as that of another vehicle. Each one varies according to the manufacturer, age, make and model. Most newer cars, trucks and SUVs have electrical functioning for brakes, steering, comfort and sensors.

The complexity and diversity of these systems also mean that to properly work on your vehicle, your technician must have adequate training and experience. The technicians of Yadkinville Auto possess that knowledge and skill based on their extensive training and daily interaction with vehicles and auto electrical systems of all kinds.

Signs You Need Electrical System Service

As with other parts on your vehicle, your electrical system indicates when it needs service. Of course, it is not critical for you to know which parts are the root of the problem. All you have to do is bring your car into Yadkinville Auto. We perform the appropriate diagnostic service and tell you the results.

Anytime you try to start your vehicle and you hear sounds like grinding or clicking, you probably have an electrical system problem. The same is true if you try to start it and you hear nothing at all and the vehicle does not “turn over.”

Another sign of problems is when your dashboard lights do not illuminate as they should. Or maybe you notice your headlights dim when you drive slowly, yet improve at highway speed.

Common Auto Electrical Issues in Vehicles Today

Your car, truck or SUV is a complex network of wires, relays, fuses and other electric parts. When these parts do not work as they should, they affect the performance of your vehicle or keep it from moving, at all.

Some of the most common auto electrical issues in vehicles include:

Dead or Non-Charging Battery
This part, when dead, can usually start with the help of jumper cables. But you cannot get the engine running without this boost. Sometimes the lights and dash accessories will work, however. Typically, all you must do is install a new one.

Faulty Alternator
When this part goes wrong, it causes your vehicle to lose electrical power, too. You may experience this problem and require service for it, if you notice dimming headlights when driving.

Non-Working Starter or Solenoid
Your engine does not turn over when these parts malfunction. You can suspect they do not work when you try to start your vehicle, but only hear a loud click or pattern of clicks.

Bad Cables
As in home wiring, your vehicle wiring contains many individual wires and cables. One loose cable can prevent your vehicle from starting. The same is true of a corroded one. Cables and connections are among the first considerations of a technician working on a non-functioning electrical system.

Blown Fuse
When fuses blow out, parts of your vehicle stop working. But this is an easy and inexpensive problem to fix. You simply need your fuse replaced.

Faulty Spark Plugs
Spark plugs work as their name implies. That is, they create a spark within the cylinder head to ignite the vehicle’s fuel. You need this little part for your car to start and operate. If you notice your car or truck idling roughly or lurching, you possibly have loose or dirty plugs.

Diagnostic Service for Your Auto Electrical Problem Requiring Repair

When you bring your vehicle into Yadkinville Auto for a tune up or other service, we provide appropriate attention to its electrical system. This tune up or auto repair service starts with diagnostics. Our computer system, combined with your vehicle’s on-board computer, helps our technicians pinpoint the root cause of problems for efficient and cost-effective repair.

Because your auto electrical system is highly advanced, our techs receive advanced training to perform these important services. We also use a complete line of manufacturer certified tools, scanners and other equipment. This makes our auto electrical service parallel to the service you expect at a dealership or even better, but at a more reasonable cost.

Schedule your auto electrical repair with Yadkinville Auto on South State Street in Yadkinville, NC today by calling 336-679-8622


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