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Under North Carolina’s summer sun, few things feel worse than when your car, SUV or truck AC fails. But you do not have to swelter in your seat. Simply bring your vehicle in for auto AC repair at Yadkinville Auto in Yadkinville, NC.

Common Causes of Auto AC Problems

There are many reasons why your car AC may stop working as well as it did in the past, or stops cooling altogether. Typical reasons include:

  • Leaking or clogged condenser
  • Incorrect refrigerant level
  • Damaged compressor
  • Refrigerant cross-contamination
  • Non-functioning pressure switches
  • Clutch problems
  • Broken belt
  • AC system leaks
  • Debris and moisture in the filters
  • Malfunctioning AC control head

Many area drivers experience poorly functioning car AC because of low refrigerant levels. But our ASE-certified mechanics inspect your entire A/C system, instead of jumping to conclusions. We examine all working parts to understand whether low refrigerant is the only issue. If we find other problems, we help you keep your cool through cost-effective repair options.

Trying to “recharge” your own A/C is never recommended. Using a store-bought do-it-yourself can, adding refrigerant when not needed, or incorrectly adding this cooling fluid can permanently damage your AC system. That costs you much more in the long run.

Common Signs You Need Auto AC Repair

If you hear unusual sounds coming through your car, truck or SUV’s air vents or from under the hood, your A/C may be failing. Or if you smell a foul or inexplicable odor through the vents, your evaporator possibly has bacterial build-up. Inconsistent temperatures often flag a problem with your compressor. As you can see, a failing cooling system in your car provides several possible signs. If you hear, smell or feel a change in your vehicle’s cabin cooling, your vehicle needs maintenance or auto AC repair.

What causes these systems to break?

The factory seals your vehicle’s AC system with a set charge, meaning the required amount of refrigerant. This charge remains under pressure. So if a leak occurs, that leak escapes the system and your AC stops cooling as it should.

The age of your vehicle and its AC often contributes to leaks. Older cars wear down from their prolonged heat exposure, vibration and general wear. Even when you take good care of your vehicle through routine maintenance, your AC system can suffer leaks.

Older cars, trucks and SUVs often have compressor problems. A high mileage car holds a lengthier history of wear and tear on it compressor components. In cold weather, road salt degrades AC systems, too. These salts corrode mechanical parts and lead to leaks in an otherwise functioning cooling system.

Are A/C repairs expensive?

Despite worry over cost, you should never try to service your own AC. These repairs fall under many environmental regulations and require specialized equipment. You can experience a short-term cooling improvement from a do-it-yourself recharge kit. But these can cause greater damage or distract from more serious problems, causing more costly repair needs.

A system check and recharge, when your vehicle’s AC system has no leaks, does not cost as much as you think. It certainly costs far less for a professional to add refrigerant and perform these specialized checks, than what you pay if you damage your AC system. Most vehicles do not need regularly recharged AC. So if you go through repeated recharges, you likely have bigger AC problems that need repair.

Otherwise, repairs for AC problems vary widely, as do their costs. Many parts help keep your car, truck or SUV cool. How these lines, sensors and valves connect vary drastically from one vehicle model to another.

For a fair price on AC repair, you only need to bring your vehicle to Yadkinville Auto. We provide estimates for your necessary repairs after helping you understand the true nature of your vehicle’s problems.

It is important to remember that you should not let your air conditioner remain dormant in its inoperable state. By not fixing the AC when it breaks, the absence of refrigerant causes parts to deteriorate and complicates the repair needs.

We use the most modern diagnostic technology for your vehicle’s maintenance and repair, including for your AC problems. We want to help you stay cool in your car, truck or SUV, even during the hottest of summer days. If you experience auto AC problems, call Yadkinville Auto at 336-679-8622 for an appointment.

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