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Yadkinville Auto in Yadkinville, NC understands your love for your Acura. After all, the automaker designs its vehicles to perform better than others in its class. People in Yadkinville frequently buy from this impressive line. This is why the ASE-certified technicians of Yadkinville Auto are proud to provide routine maintenance and repair service for your car or SUV.

The Acura Brand Endures as a Competitive Leader

Buying your Acura was a smart decision. This line of luxury autos comes from the makers of Honda who developed the brand to meet American buyers’ tastes for rich appointments in sporty, sleek and fuel efficient vehicles.

The first brand models reached American soil in the 1980s, not long after the first vehicles came off the Japanese manufacturing line. By 1986, 60 dealerships opened coast-to-coast. These dealers welcomed expansion of the Honda market into a higher class of vehicles, advertising their wares as, “Precision crafted automobiles.”

Precision pays off, as anyone who owns one of these automobiles knows. Once offering only two models, the Legend and the Integra, the brand currently offers a wider range of styles. Their success quickly inspired Toyota and Nissan to develop their competing Lexus and Infiniti lines, respectively. Soon, the brand proved itself to U.S. auto buyers, even outselling Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Your Vehicle Is a Well Made, Reliable Vehicle

You probably bought your chosen model because of its reliability, in addition to its beauty. But did you know that these cars rank in second place among all automakers, in regard to brand reliability? Overall, the brand receives four out of five stars for being so easy to maintain and keep safely on the road.

Of course, this means you do not need auto repair services as often as other brands’ owners. But at Yadkinville Auto, we love our Acura owners and provide stellar service you can trust every time you visit our shop.

Your average annual ownership cost for your luxury automobile is $501, including maintenance and repairs. As one of these vehicles’ drivers, you only need to visit a repair shop once every two to three years. When you do need your auto repaired, you experience a lower possibility than most, for those repairs being severe. Odds are eight out of 100 that you face a costly problem.

Of course, your maintenance and repair costs rely on multiple factors. These factors include your vehicle’s age, mileage, how you drive it and how well you keep up with manufacturer-recommended service. Where you drive your vehicle and the shop that services it also play a role in your overall costs.

Your Vehicle Has Specific Needs for Maintenance and Repair

It is very important that your auto service shop provides the maintenance and repair services your specific vehicle needs. Maintenance should occur according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. At Yadkinville Auto, our ASE-certified technicians understand your vehicle and know the brand inside and out.

Some of the most common problems we fix for owners of autos like yours include issues with the electrical system and transmission. In fact, many owners start their vehicle and notice the check engine light flashing. For some, this emergency repair alert relates to the TL V6 or MDX model transmissions. If your vehicle has this problem, you possibly noticed rough shifting before the alert.

If your vehicle suffers these or other repair needs, have no fear. At Yadkinville Auto, we get you safely back on the road in no time at an affordable cost.

Models we service at Yadkinville Auto include:

  • CL and ILX
  • Integra and Legend
  • MDX and RDX
  • RL, RLX, RSX and SLX
  • TL, TLX and TSX
  • Vigor
  • ZDX

ASE-Certified Professionals Provide Complete Auto Service

You want your Acura running its best for the longest possible time. The ASE-certified technicians at Yadkinville Auto understand this. We provide the maintenance and repair services you need with the expert care you deserve as a luxury car owner. Schedule your maintenance or repair today by calling Yadkinville Auto on State Street at (336) 679-8622.

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