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Four Repairs That Should Only Be Done by an Experienced Auto Repair Shop

Why take you car to the pros at an experience auto repair shop?

Sometimes, it’s just best to leave things to the professionals. This is especially true when it comes to working on a vehicle. You could end up with a big headache on your hands. Here are four repairs that should only be done by an experienced auto repair shop.

Transmission Work
If your vehicle’s transmission begins to experience trouble, take it to a reputable auto repair shop. Remember, no other automotive component is more complex. Even changing the transmission fluid in a modern vehicle can be quite complicated. Today’s automatic transmissions are also computer-controlled, which means advanced diagnostic equipment is often required to track down problems.

When their car’s transmission starts to slip or shift poorly, many people make the mistake of buying “quick fix” products. There’s no such thing as a mechanic in a bottle. These products are nothing more than a temporary bandage. Even worse, they contain additives that can gum up the gearbox’s internal parts.

Installing New Shock Absorbers
Driving on rough, pothole-ridden roads can cause your suspension system to wear down sooner than expected. The shock absorbers will likely need to be replaced at some point. This is a task that shouldn’t be taken on by the average backyard mechanic.

There are many dangers involved in the installation of shock absorbers. For starters, it’s easy to have your hand crushed when removing the old shock absorbers. Depending upon your vehicle’s specific type of suspension, a spring compressor may be required for the job. If the springs aren’t removed properly, they could pop off with enough force to cause serious injuries.

Timing Belt Replacement
Many import cars built during the 1990s and early 2000s feature a timing belt. This rubber belt is designed to synchronize the rotation of the engine’s camshaft and crankshaft. Unlike a timing chain, it needs to be periodically replaced by an auto repair shop.

Timing belt replacement often requires shops to disassemble half of the engine. Even the slightest mistake could cause the vehicle to run poorly. On vehicles equipped with an interference engine, the valves and pistons can be completely destroyed. If you aren’t a certified ASE mechanic, stay far away from this job.

Fuel Pump Installation
When encountering a failed pump, some Piedmont Triad car owners attempt to install a new one. Unfortunately, they typically end up regretting their decision. Replacing a fuel pump that’s located in the gas tank can be especially difficult.

Unlike a professional auto repair shop, the average do-it-yourselfer does not have a car lift at home. This means they’ll have to jack up the vehicle in order to lower the gas tank, which is a big challenge. Furthermore, faulty installation of the pump may make your vehicle unable to be driven. Failing to correctly set the fuel level float will also throw off the gas gauge, thus making it virtually impossible to know how much fuel is in the tank.

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